Rickards, B. and Wirght, A.
. Enigmagraptus n.gen.,
a new graptoloid (Pridoli,
Silurian, New South Wales,
Australia). -
¤ontologische Zeitschrift
1, 189-194.
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Family Monograptidae Lapworth, 1873
Enigmagraptus Rickards and Wright, 2004
Type species: Enigmagraptus yassenensis (Rickards and Wright, 1999)
The monograptid graptoloid genus Enigmagraptus Rickards and Wright comprises a group
of the smallest known graptolites. All species are of Pridoli age, Silurian, New South
Wales, Australia.

Diagnosis: "One of the tiniest graptolites known, with a dorsoventral width up to 0.25
mm, widely spaced, axially elongate prothecae usually developed from thread-like
origin; tiny metatheca up to half rhabdosome width comprising a hood derived from the
dorsal metathecal wall, and variously enrolled ventrally to enclose the simple ventral
margin; small sicula with virgella and dorsal apertural process in type species."
(Rickards and Wright 2004, p. 192).
E. yassensis
Scale: 1mm
(from Rickards & Wright)
Species assigned:

Enigmagraptus yassensis (Rickards and Wright, 1999)
Enigmagraptus mitchelli (Rickards and Wright, 1999)
Enigmagraptus pennyae Rickards and Wright, 2004

Previously, Rickards and Wright (1999) referred the type species of the genus
Enigmagraptus doubtfully to the genus Neocucullograptus Urbanek, 1970.
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